Well, let’s start with the basics: I am 16 years old and currently a junior attending Westfield High School in Northern Virginia. I’m a freelancer writer, whether it be about controversial issues or some fictional story, and I enjoy playing a lot of sports such as softball, swimming, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and tennis, and I spend a large portion of my time playing video games of all sorts. I don’t do a lot of talking at school, in fact I probably only ever talk to the same five friends, but it gives me more time to observe and take in everything that’s going on around me (you’re only in high school once, kids. Take it slow).

Some call me an “idiotic adrenaline junkie” but I prefer the term “a no-limits adventurer.” Sure, I do risky things, but not without good reasons. What kinds of risky things? Well, you’re just going to have to be creative on that one (or ask me directly).

I care a lot about my academics and my future, and I try to be as cautious as possible when making decisions that might affect them. I also care a lot about my friends, which, personally, is equally a curse as it is a blessing.

Currently, I’m just doing the best I can, which I think is the most important fact anyone needs to know about me.

This blog was inspired by my friend Alexa, whose love for humanities keeps her going in a STEM-centered learning environment (You’re gonna do great things in the world bud).